Påmeldingsfristen forlenges til mandag 3. april!

Registration period is extended until Monday 3rd of April!

English invitation

Norsk innbydelse

Click on ivitation to open downloadable pdf.

Foreign exhibitors and exhibitors outside NRR:

NRR has now opened for digital enrollment to Norwegian exhibitions. Those who want to exhibit must register as a user in MinKatt in NRR, and also enter the exhibiton via Min Katt.


Anyone already registered in NRR's pedigree, either as owners of a cat from NRR, who has sold a cat to Norway or who has exhibited in Norway in 2017 or later shall not create a new user, but ask to be sent username and password to the user already registered. The request should be sent to NRR, email


User is made from the login page of Min Katt.

User's Guide is made by Suomen Kissaliitto and can be found here.