The entry period from February 1st until April 3rd 2023. Enter your cat(s) to Scandinavian Winner Show via online in the Min Katt/My Cats. Please read the instructions here

Non-NRR member instructions

NRR member Min Katt login

Please follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions or problems when signing up and entering your cat's information, please don't hesitate to contact Show Manager by email.

Exhibition fee is NOK 700/cat. After confirming your registration, you will be taken to the payments page. Registrations will be accepted once the exhibition fee has been logged into Adelkattens's account.

Please note the entry fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Only cats of fully recognized breeds and their fully recognized varieties as well as house cats belonging to individual FIFe members may participate at the Scandinavian Winner Show.

Participation in the Winner Show is only possible for cats that have met the following requirements:

a) Classes 1-6: no qualification needed. Cats that have obtained the show title International Champion/ International Premier or higher title, are automatically qualified.

b) Classes 7-10: 3x ex1 in classes 11-12, or 1x NOM/BIV in classes 7-12. Neuters in class 8-10 which have earlier obtained the show title Internation Champion or higher title, are automatically qualified.

c) Class 11: 3x ex1 in classes 11-12, or 1x NOM/BIV in classes 11-12.

d) Class 12: 1x ex1.

e) House Cats: 1x NOM, or DSM-titled.

In all cases where qualification apply, the qualification period is 13 months prior to the Scandinavian Winner Show.